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The Federal Council of Switzerland announced further drastic measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which also affect our Boutique Resort. As we navigate this unprecedented crisis, rest assured that our first priority remains keeping our guests, staff and communities safe; that is why we are closing our restaurants, bar and spa. Only rooms remain available to a limited number of guests with minimal catering.

We hope to be able to provide you with a full service again shortly and will keep you informed of any developments.

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Benjamin Müller-Rappard & Le Mirador Resort & Spa Team


Enhancer Mirador

Today we're all concerned with toxins accumulation. The cumulative effects of this waste trouble our organism functions and causes tiredness, dull complexion, hair and nails, irritability, depression, low immune system, etc. The body is usually autonomous in managing its toxins elimination, however an excessive accumulation of those toxins can lead to a physiological and psychological imbalance which doesn't allow this natural elimination anymore. The causes are numerous: whether needed after an excess of food (festive season for instance), an excess of stress or work (exams, important meeting, etc.), after a disease., or simply because of an unhealthy lifestyle (physical inactivity, tobacco, excess of ready-made food, air pollution exposure, etc.), a detox therapy is welcome to bring new strength to our body.

A 5-day programme (requires 6 nights stay) aimed to strengthen the whole body, improving one’s quality of life. This complex of treatments will reinforce the immune system and restore age related disorders. It is an excellent solution when recovering from chronic illness or repetitive colds, enabling the body to resist to climate and everyday stress in life.



Possibility to add supplementary targeted treatments for:

Revitalization - during your Enhancer Mirador treatment programme, there is the possibility to add a revitalization treatment option. The synergy of these treatments will bring a better harmony between mind and body. As a result, one develops a better inner force to maintain the natural resistance and to prevent the premature aging.

Weight Management - hormonal imbalances or an unstable life can bring about factors affecting our body image leading to body dissatisfaction or even social discomfort. Our weight management programme is ideally suited for those that have a tendency to gain centimeters around the lower body regions. This is often due to water retention or circulatory problems. This issue will be discussed in depth during your medical consultation.

Stress Management - overstrain of your nervous system brings on uncomfortable symptoms such as: sleep disorders, tension in human relations, restlessness, eating disorders etc. This option will help to calm down cerebral overactivity and helps to regain on/off options for nervous system.

Enhancer Mirador Revitalization Program

The program includes: 

- Doctor assisted check up including

- Full board Detox

- Detox Intravenous Infusion

- 3 sessions of Revitalizing intravenous tailor-made infusion

- 3 Ozonotherapy sessions

- 5 sessions of Magnetotron therapy

- 4 sessions of Local hyperthermia therapy

- Hydrocolon therapy session

- Wholebody hyperthermia session

- 3 sessions of Therapeutic drainage

- Final medical consultation




Price, availability and reservation upon request or possibility to book through our booking engine.

* No medical treatments are provided on Saturdays and Sundays. We recommend arrival on a Sunday afternoon to start the program on Monday morning.

Enhancer Mirador Weight Management Program

The program includes: 

- Medical Health Check - up

- Nutritionist Consultation

- Full board Weight Management

- 4 sessions of Therapeutic drainages with compressive bandage application

- Personalised compression tights

- 3 private sessions of Aquagym

- 2 sessions of EnCurve therapy

- Detox Intravenous Infusion

- Reequilibrating intravenous tailor-made infusion

- Ozonotherapy session

- 2 sessions of Magnetotron therapy

- 2 sessions of Local hyperthermia treatment

- Hydrocolon therapy session

- Wholebody hyperthermia session 

- Therapeutic massage session

- Final medical consultation