La vie en Rose

  • Rose petal bath
  • A Divine Harmony massage (60 min. per person)
  • One Glass of Champagne per person


We suggest that clients who are staying at the hotel should arrive at the spa wearing the bathrobe and slippers found in their room. Also, our guests are suggested to arrive a few minutes in advance of the treatment in order to unwind in our relaxation room. Outside clients are presented with bathrobe and slippers upon arrival at the Spa reception. In case of late arrival no time extension to the treatment can be provided. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please leave your valuable items (such as jewellery, watch and wallet) in the room safe or in a personal deposit box available at the Spa or Fitness changing rooms. Our team is not liable in case of loss or theft.

For massages, wraps and body exfoliation, you are provided with disposable underwear. For a facial, the beautician will ask you to release the upper body to facilitate the treatment and ensure your comfort. For hydrotherapy treatment, you may elect to wear bathing attire. Please note that certain products used may soil your clothing.

In order to speed up toxin elimination, we recommend you to drink lots of water during your stay. We would be grateful if you could shower before massages, body treatments and pedicures. Some treatments are not suitable for pregnant women or persons suffering from health problems or sensitivity such as allergies and wounds. Please let our practitioners know, so they can take care of you during your stay and adapt treatments to your personal circumstances.

La vie en Rose (120min) 550.00
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