Magnetotron Therapy

The therapeutic use of magnetic fields is possibly the oldest form of physical therapy. Up to now a wide range of physicians and scientists have seriously studied the great potential of this non-invasive and beneficial procedure, which made it become one of the most popular naturopathic modalities throughout the world. The earth’s magnetic field covers the planet from south to north. 

As humans we are usually not sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, meanwhile migratory birds find their way to distant destinations only due to its existence. The earth magnetic field fluctuates within 24 hours and throughout the year. The earth magnetic field is densified by solar energy, this is why during the day the magnetic field is more intensive than during nightime, when the intensitiy reaches its lowest point around 2 am. 

With the Magnetotron Therapy we observe a better oxygenation of the targeted organs and cell metabolism.


  • Weak Immune System
  • Blood flow disorders
  • Neuralgia
  • Nervous System dysfunction
  • Glandular dysfunction
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Sports injury (ligaments)