Wholebody Hyperthermia

The whole body hyperthermia is also known as “passive fever therapy”. It’s a very intensive and profound treatment aiming to increase the body’s core temperature to about 38.5 °C to 40.0 °C and to hold the increased body temperature (“fever”) for one or two hours. Throughout the whole process the main patient’s vital signs are regularly measured and recorded linked to a computer, e.g. oxygen saturation of the periphery as well as the heart rate through a finger clip, and the core temperature by a rectally inserted device. The entire treatment takes with preparation and recovery time about 3-4 hours. For some people it’s helpful to listen to their own music or meditation discs, which you’re welcome to bring along with you. Chronically sick patients often report that they haven’t been through any kind of illness associated with high fever for a long time. The whole-body hyperthermia has immune modulating effect on the entire organism and has been used in systemic rheumatism, autoimmune conditions, neuropathic pain, “multiple chemical sensitivity” and in cancer therapy as a post-treatment after conventional oncological interventions as well as a supportive option within the treatment of advanced malignancy and in metastasis prevention. Fever is a condition, when the body starts to stimulate his natural defence system and self-healing forces. The whole body hyperthermia contributes to this like no other complementary modality. During situations of increased body temperature the number and activity of white blood cells accelerate, the metabolism rate enhances and non-cellular immune factors (e.g. specific humoral enzymes, complement system, interferon, etc.) are activated. At the same time all sort of secretion processes of the body are stimulated. medical@mirador.ch The fever is most effective in terms of “retuning” the body’s weakened immune system, but also the mental and spiritual powers of the patient. The usual rigidity of reaction that is most often related to the development of a chronic degenerative disease is frequently dismantled and cleared away within this process. Most patients experience a deliverance of their body, mind and soul and many of them report the next day that they feel like they were reborn.


  • Immune System activation
  • Cellular metabolism acceleration