Specialist consultations

Medical consultations with our specialists:

- Internal medicine

- Cardiology

- Orthopedics

- Dermatology, aesthetic medicine

- Gynecology

- Pediatry

Medical Check - Up

The Expertise Mirador Check Up is an early diagnosis of pathophysiological imbalances. Early diagnosis of metabolic imbalances before progression to overt disease, encourages you to take appropriate measures that may have a reversible effect on the development of the disease with a return to the stage of good health.

Balanced nutrition and physical activity are often used to regain health and well-being. In addition, genetic heritage, different in each individual, long-term influence health status. Gene expression can however be changed and the risk of disease reduced with an optimised environment (physical and social activity, nutrition etc.). This also reduces the risk of many degenerative diseases associated with aging.

Awareness of health, supported by analysis of objective laboratory and personalised advices, motivate you to take responsibility to maintain your health capital.

Aesthetic Medicine

While ageing, our skin undergoes many inconveniences such as loss of elasticity, brittleness and dryness which helps the first wrinkles appearance. Natural and inevitable factors such as gravity, sun or wind multiply the ageing effects. In addition, daily habits such as alcohol, tobacco, as well as stress and fatigue are dominant factors.

However, the anti-aging medicine we offer will ensure the balance of disrupted hormones and adequate intake of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), in order to maintain a healthy body and an active mind.  

Aesthetic medicine without surgery will activate your skin's rejuvenation process. The Le Mirador Medical Centre treatments such as botox and hyaluronic acid will bring you back your skin's natural radiance. 


- Consultation + botox

- Consultation + hyaluronic acid

- Consultation + royal PRP (face, neck, decollete)

- Consultation + aesthetic mesotherapy

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