Revitalization by Mirador

Revitalisation program by Le Mirador Health Centre attends the perfect match between body cleaning and health booster. Each treatment will review body’s inner functioning to promote a healthy and youthful life and longevity. Careful, but sure approach based on detox acceleration from day one to day 5 will help your organism to adapt itself and release deeply accumulated toxins.

Personalized injections will stimulate specific organs and systems, to obtain effective anti- ageing results. Hormonal, cerebral and metabolic activities will be precisely targeted by injections, chosen individually by our medical team. The initial medical check-up will wisely determine your actual health level and give direction to achieve extraordinary efficiency over these intensive 5 days.

A 5-day programme (requires 6 nights stay) aimed to strengthen the whole body, improving one’s quality of life. This complex of treatments will reinforce the immune system and restore age related disorders. It is an excellent solution when recovering from chronic illness or repetitive colds, enabling the body to resist to climate and everyday stress in life.

Resuming the Revitalization program, it will include

  • Three medical consultations
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Complete medical check-up
  • Two detox perfusions
  • Revitaminizing perfusion
  • Two Ozone-therapies
  • General Hyperthermia
  • Rebalancing perfusion
  • 12 personalized Injections
  • Hydrocolonotherapy
  • Two therapeutic massages
  • Two therapeutic drainages
  • Two local hyperthermia
  • Two magnetic therapies
  • Two oxygen-therapy
  • Personal file with USB key
  • Personal follow up prescription

Price, availability and reservation upon request.

* No medical treatments are provided on Saturdays and Sundays. We recommend arrival on a Sunday afternoon to start the program on Monday morning.